Origins 2017 Wrap Up
June 28, 2017

Origins 2017 Wrap Up June 27 2017

Magpie Games had a great time at Origins Game Fair this year, and while it’s hard to pick our favorite moments, we wanted to share a few with you. This doesn’t cover the wonderful interactions we had at the IGDN booth or at meals, but here are some of the highlights:

Favorite Moments

Origins 2017 Wrap Up June 27 2017Marissa got to jump in on for the last few hours of Bill White’s 12 hour Traveller marathon. The table included Jamal Brown, Shelley Harlan, and a few others. During the game she had the honor of dying once during character creation, swindling a rich kid out of his fortune, and making the engineering role that destroyed half the ship and all of her crew. Overall, a great session of Traveller!

Brendan ran Velvet Glove three times and had radically different gangs: one loving and loyal to each other, the next on the edge and ready to commit some violence, and the third a bit tense internally and varied in their goals and drives but ultimately united against the outside world. He also got to play a living bio-engineered ant colony named Pi in Rich Rogers’s game of Impulse Drive where he ate a corpse’s memories through its eyes. And then there was the glorious moment in Starship From Hell when the PC engineer was checking the reactor and the NPC engineer comes down to stop her—but then a fist exploded through the NPC’s chest, and this smiling, top-hatted, monocled face peered out from behind the NPC engineer, and the hand sticking through the NPC’s torso started waving to the PC. GOOD TIMES.

Origins 2017 Wrap Up June 27 2017

Mark’s favorite part was seeing all of his fellow Magpies, but he also enjoyed running Velvet Glove multiple times with new folks. At one point, the girls torched the car of the high school quarterback… while another group got into a straight up brawl on school grounds during lunch! He also stayed up until 3 am talking to Ken Hite and James Ernest at the Big Bar on 2. It was awesome to get to sit and listen to the folks who were big names in the industry before he even got started.

Sarah had a good time running her games of Velvet Glove and seeing how funk and angst combined to give the girl gangs life, and the moments where the girls united against the world were the best. She also loved running The Seclusium of Orphone of the Three Visions, in which PCs were: a) slain, b) happily impregnating an NPC, c) licking things, d) imprisoned in a plane of constant orgasms, e) shooting off other PC’s limbs, f) fighting while pantsless, and g) having their
faces torn off by prismatic tentacles, etc…

Coming up

Origins 2017 Wrap Up June 27 2017Next up is DexCon, which both Brendan and Sarah will be attending. It’s held July 5th through 9th in Morristown, New Jersey. Sarah will be once again running Velvet Glove as well as The Cold Ruins of Lastlife, while Brendan will be running Armored Society, Masks: A New Generation, and Zombie World.

While The Cold Ruins of Lastlife, Masks: A New Generation, and Velvet Glove are all available either as finished games or ashcans, Armored Society and Zombie World are in playtesting.

Armored Society is Brendan’s new game, where Game of Thrones meets Pride and Prejudice. Take on the role of a knight in a world torn asunder by magic, where your armor both provides protection from faerie magic and shows off your style and status. Will you fall in love with the wrong person – or will you do whatever it takes to help your house?

Zombie World is Magpie’s upcoming undead project, where Z-day has come and gone, and now you’re all that’s left. Build a community of survivors amidst the wreckage of the old world, as you and your fellow uninfected struggle to find safety and security in a world full of dangers. It also uses cards instead of dice, has random character generation mechanics, and a real tendency to bite.

Origins 2017 Wrap Up June 27 2017

The schedule should be up on Friday, June 30th, so save some slots for us!


After that we’ll be bringing the whole crew to GenCon 50, and our plans are already underway. There will be some new releases, sessions of our games, and plenty of opportunities to talk to us. We still have a few seats left in Epyllion and Undying games. You can see the list here:, and stay tuned for more exciting news as August draws closer!