Magpie Media Roundup
March 31, 2017

Magpie Media Roundup March 31 2017Actual plays are a great way to figure out if a game is right for you or your group, in addition to just being fun to listen to—so we’ve collected a few highlights of actual plays of Magpie Games from across the Internet, along with a few other interesting tidbits!

The guys over at Nerds and Stuff made an amazing trailer for Urban Shadows. You can watch it here, and be sure to check out their YouTube channel to keep up on their campaign!

Nerds and Stuff 2017


OneShot 2017There are a bunch of people playing Masks: A New Generation, but here are a few, starting with our friends over at the One Shot Podcast! It features Molly Ostertag and Noelle Stevenson, two amazing comic artists, which just puts this into the realm of sublime.


The Jankcast 2017

The Jankcast is also playing Masks: A New Generation, and while the PCs are a little confused over their team name, Joe, Megan, Jenn, and Timo sound like they’re having fun.


On Twitch, Losers and Lizards are just starting a Masks campaign based out of Halcyon City. Their team is called the Leftovers, and you can see some fan art here.

If that’s not enough Masks for you, there’s also ProRestarter, CharismaToAC, Roll to Breathe,  Knight Errant Jr’s, and a review from Misdirected Mark.


The Gauntlet 2017The Gauntlet has been running a campaign with our setting for Dungeon World, The Last Days of Anglekite. You can catch their recaps below.


Epyllion 2017And check out Wednesday Night Game’s sessions of Epyllion: A Dragon Epic. You can’t go wrong with tiny dragons getting up to tiny dragon shenanigans!


We love showing these off to other fans, so make sure to tag Magpie when you spread the word of your own games. We love hearing your stories, and love sharing them with other people as well!

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