Masks At Large
March 9, 2017

Masks At Large Header March 9 2017

I have some exciting Masks news, from awards to materials from a LongCon at Dreamation, to a plug for some awesome fans. Thanks, everyone!

Golden Geeks

Masks was a runner up for the Board Game Geek’s RPG of the Year! Thank you to everyone who voted for us for either of the categories we were up for! We were very proud and grateful to be up for nomination, and thrilled to be alongside the winner, 7th Sea! You can see the rest of the winners here, including awesome board and video games that may now be at the top of my shopping list.


Masks came in second for the BAMFSIES Best in Superhero Gaming Gamer’s Choice awards! Whoohoo! Thank you to everyone who voted in those awards, and congratulations to the winner, Aaron Allston’s StrikeForce! And thanks so much to Steve Kenson, who also chose Masks for one of the Judges Awards!

(And yes, Steve, it is a requirement that young superheroes be shown standing over the body of a defeated robot. It’s a law of the universe.)

Con pre-gen materials

Sarah and I both went to Dreamation a few weeks ago, and I got to run a three session Masks LongCon! Matt Aaron and I put together a Masks scenario to run in the LongCon format—that is to say, a game over multiple sessions with more than one table of players (a format we came to know through KristaCons, many thanks as always to Krista White! Find out more about the format here). With the help of Michael McDowell, the three of us ran the game over the course of three sessions, with 10 players, and told an awesome superhero story!

We’re now sharing our materials with you, so you can see the work we did in advance, and use it for your own games. These include:

  • Pregenerated versions of the main Masks characters (with moves and many extras unchosen)
  • Background sheets for those PCs (with pre-chosen relationships)
  • GM information (including simple fronts adapted specifically for this LongCon)

So go ahead and take a look! Hope you have fun with them!

Pics Because It Did Happen!

I love seeing images of Masks online! It makes me happy to know other people are excited to get the book, and to play games with it. So here’s a collection of a few awesome images from the past couple months, taken from an assortment of great people (including Joe Zantek, Sophie Lagace, Tim Franzke, Ariana Ramos, Larry Spiel, Guy Blavin, Charlie Etheridge-Nunn, Sean Dunstan, Chris Stone-Bush, @dicewarriors, and @thatmattdavies)!

Masks 2017 pics


Kit LaTouche put together an awesome site resource app thing to collect and share villains! I love the ideas here, and I want to see it take off, so go here and add your own villains!

The Community

The Masks G+ Community is thriving and awesome! If you have a question, if you have an idea, if you have an awesome story—it’s a great place to visit and share. So please do! I love dropping in and seeing the discussions and questions and reading about people’s experiences with Masks!