New Magpies: Sarah Richardson and Derrick Kapchinsky
February 5, 2016

As you may know, we had a pretty good year last year here at Magpie HQ.

In addition to the launch of our Chaos Worlds line for Dungeon World (The Last Days of Anglekite) and Epyllion early in the year, we wrapped up 2015 with the phenomenally successful Masks, marking our first six-figure Kickstarter! We’re so grateful for everyone that backed, pledged, patroned, and supported us in 2016; you all are making a lot of great work possible.

But with all that awesome funding and backing and interest comes a lot of… stuff to do! We’ve got books to write, art to direct, and games to playtest. And that doesn’t even begin to touch our marketing, shipping, etc. So much to do, and we often find ourselves wishing we had more hands to make the work light.

So… Magpie Games is expanding again! And this time, we have two new people to welcome to the team: Sarah Richardson and Derrick Kapchinsky.

Sarah RichardsonSarah Richardson has been working with us on several projects already, including The Cold Ruins of Last Life, but she’s going to be officially joining us as our Director of Marketing this month! Since she’s been operating as a freelance designer, illustrator, and layout artist in the gaming industry for the last couple of years, we’re confident that she’s going to get our games out in front of more folks, especially post-Kickstarter.

In addition to maintaining our social media presence, creating an email newsletter, and operating our blog, Sarah will be writing and designing game content for Magpie. You’ve seen her work in the Fate Codex: Volume 3, Issue 6 and Bluebeard’s Bride—she’s one of the core designers who brought Bluebeard’s Bride to Magpie! We’re excited to see what other awesome games Sarah is going to put out under the Magpie banner in 2016!



Derrick Kapchinsky has also been helping us out before joining the team, masterminding the shipping of Urban Shadows and other Kickstarters and joining us at GenCon to run games and staff the booth, and we’re finally making his position official. Starting this month, Derrick will be joining us as the Director of Operations, handling shipping, accounting, and all the other behind-the-scenes stuff necessary to make Magpie Games work.


You’ll probably also catch Derrick (and Sarah!) running games, writing articles for The Fate Codex, and generally posting/tweeting/talking about the awesome stuff we’re up to around here. We try to keep our noses to the grindstone (ouch!), but we’re hoping we can do a much better job of letting everyone know what we’re planning throughout the year!

So… help us welcome Sarah and Derrick to the Magpie team! We’re excited to bring them into the nest!